6 Surprising Items and Gadgets You Can’t Take in an Airport

Did you know that you cannot travel with these items and that they will be taken at the airport?

While we have all been to the airport before, the rules and regulations for TSA are changed regularly. Back in the day, you could smoke inside an airplane, while nowadays you can be banned from flying with an airline if you even as much as light one cigarette (and we’ll e-cigs and vapes later) inside the plane. In order to make sure that you are not going to be turned around or have your items taken from you, you should make sure that you know what you can travel with and what you cannot.

Sure, there are those warnings when you check in online about what you can and what you cannot fly with. Still, they do not include all variables or items you could be having with you, and they do not always mention which items are only allowed in a carry-on bag and which are only in a checked bag! No matter if you are flying later this month or this year, you should be in the know about certain items and gadgets to prevent losing your property or ending up having to answer TSA agents about certain items.

To make sure that you can easily pass through TSA and that your time at the airport is as safe and less stressful as possible, keep on reading to discover all the prohibited items and gadgets at the airport depending on the bag they are stored in!

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Aerosol insecticide

You may be traveling for a camping trip or to a destination where you know that insects are going to be a problem. And if you thought that the best idea would be to grab a can of insecticide with you, then you may want to think again if you do not have a checked bag. Any sort of under-pressure canister (such as the aerosol insecticide) is going to not be allowed in your carry-on bag under no circumstances.

You can be lucky enough to be able to put it in your checked bag if you travel with one, but you must read the label carefully. If they are thought of as hazardous material (HAZMAT) they will be flagged and you may have to answer to someone at security if they find it.

Bang snaps

Do you remember these little snaps from when we were kids? They are still made today and just as much fun for kids and young adults, however, if you bring them with you to the airport, you, or whoever in your party that brought them along, may end up being in a lot of trouble. For as much fun as they can be, bang snaps make a very loud sound that is reminiscent of a gunshot. And we think that you catch our drift as to why they are not allowed anywhere near an airport, not on board a plane.

To avoid any sort of accidental panic and even fire hazard if you pack them in your checked luggage and the pressure makes them snap, bang snaps are not allowed in any type of bag not anywhere at the airport.

Arc lighters, plasma lighters, electronic lighters, e-lighters

You may know that you are allowed to take up with you in your carry-on one lighter or a packet of safety matches. However, if your lighter is electronic, a plasma, or arc one, you are not allowed to bring them with you anywhere around the airport. It may seem strange, but since they are electric and they work with batteries, the TSA agents cannot know how they will fare under the pressure that is present in the cabin or in the checked baggage areas, which can make them turn on or explode which are both fire hazards.

Generally speaking, a lot of items and gadgets that work with batteries are not allowed in checked bags or in carry-ons, and this one is definitely one of them!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7

When it comes to bringing this phone with you to the airport, you can definitely do that. However, do not expect that you will be able to pass through TSA with it, and do not think about putting it in your checked bag either!

You may not remember the whole scandal about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from a few years ago, but we definitely do and airports absolutely despise these phones.

Once hailed as the best Android phone on the market, the Galaxy Note 7 had a fatal flaw in the way in which it was built: its battery would end up heating up when on a flight, and if the pressure was too much for the device, it would eventually explode. Once these gadgets started to heat up extremely on most flights it became an overall problem with the model and the company was forced to call back some of them. Despite apparently fixing the problem with the phones, airports have had enough of them and they completely banned the model from planes!

Nowadays, you cannot travel with these phones on a plane either in a checked bag or in your carry-on!

Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices

Speaking of items that airports and airlines will despise you for, we have to talk about cigarettes. You can fly with cigarettes on your person, but you cannot attempt to smoke while on a plane or inside the airport outside of designated areas. It will definitely get you in trouble, and you do not want to argue with security at an airport. However, if you thought that your electronic cigarette or vape was safe from such regulations, then you should check the TSA guidelines and the airline’s guidelines carefully once again.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prohibits people from leaving their vapes in their checked bags, advising passengers to only take them in carry-ons (due to the potential hazard the battery could pose if it were to malfunction), and you cannot use the vape or the e-cigarette on any plane! While you may be skeptical about the dangers that it could pose, you should be aware that it’s a federal offense and that aircraft personnel do not take it lightly.

Strike-anywhere matches

These ones are also prohibited from being on any sort of flight due to the fact that they are a fire hazard. It may not seem like it can happen, but one cannot be sure, and since they are made to be able to catch a flame at any sort of friction, the possibility of one of them catching on fire and lighting up the others is higher than you may think.

Since lithium batteries, which are supposed to be safer than a pack of matches, are also prohibited from being on planes when they are over a certain capacity and definitely banned from checked bags, it should not be so surprising that these are banned.

Most regulations regarding items you can and cannot take with you, be it in carry-ons or checked bags, have the safety of all passengers in mind when they are created. And while you are not going to do anything nefarious with items, you can never know what can happen, so everything errs on the side of caution. If you are a fan of strike-anywhere matches for your upcoming camping trip, you should switch them out for other types or settle for getting some when you arrive at your destination.

Normal safety matches are only allowed in your carry-on bag.

Despite everything on this list that you are not allowed with on any flight, there are other items that are definitely permitted and that you should consider taking with you if you are on a long haul flight! To find out which are our holy grail items on long flights, make sure to read this article!

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