Senior Safety: Check Out the Top Three Best Smart Door Locks

Have you ever wondered which are the best smart door locks and if they are worth investing in?

Smart locks are nothing new, but which ones are the best smart door locks on the market, and are they worth it, or is it just a gimmick? These are just some of the questions that may have been on your mind if you were thinking about these smart locks.

In the end, a smart lock could help you resolve a lot of issues when you come home and when you are leaving the home too: no more fear that you are locking yourself outside by mistake; no more surprises of having to come back home because you forgot the cleaner is coming in today; no more hugging a ton of bags and your keys when it’s raining; and you can also forget about the scenario that your grandkids are left on the porch during a surprise visit! These are just some scenarios where the smart lock is going to make your life easier.

Not to mention, the smart lock is going to be able to be connected to your phone and even your home system if you have something like Alexa, Google Home, Ring, or Apple Home Key already, and it can even be compatible with Matter, which is a new smart home platform that will be compatible with all of those and the smart lock, so you do not have to worry about everything being from different companies and not being compatible.

Because these smart locks can help you achieve some peace of mind and help you be as mobile as possible, with or without a key on you, we have gathered some of the best ones on the market, so you can make an informed choice if you’d like to give one a try!

Do you already have one of the best smart door locks on the market? Tell us all about it and if you would recommend it to other tech enthusiasts in the comments!

best smart door locks
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Best smart door locks on a budget: Wyze Lock Bolt

Sometimes, if you are curious about a new gadget, we recommend that you try out a less expensive version to test the concept before you commit to getting a top-of-the-line version. This is exactly why, when we are talking about smart door locks that are going to do their job without asking you to already have a smart home, we cannot go further than the Wyze Lock Bolt. This smart door lock is going to work on Bluetooth only, along with a really fast fingerprint reader and a backlit keypad.

If you want to make it work with your Wi-Fi, then you will also have to buy a video ring bell that will act as a bridge to the Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, this lock is not extremely stylish, but it definitely gets the job done: you will be able to use your fingerprint to open the door or input a keycode in the pad, and then the door opens.

Since the model is more aimed at people on a budget or first-time users, it does not have auto-unlock or lock options, but it does have a battery life of up to a year. It will work with four AA batteries that you will have to change, and you will be able to check the lock and its functions on an app that is compatible with the lock. You will also be able to input guest codes if you have someone come over and do not want to give out your main code!

The best thing yet? It’s only $74 on Amazon unless you want to get the video doorbell attachment as well, and for under $80, it is going to deliver the experience you are looking for. If you are on a budget or you just want to give these smart gadgets a try before you go for an upgrade, the Wyze Lock Bolt is definitely the option for you.

Best smart door locks that blend in: Level Lock Touch

If you are looking for a smart door lock but do not want it to have that sleek, modern look that will give off the fact that it is a smart lock, you can easily count on Level Lock Touch to conceal the fact that it is a smart lock! This lock will pack all the smart power into the deadbolt itself, leaving you with an amazing lock that is smart but looks like a regular old deadbolt!

You will be able to use it together with the Ring camera and the Apple Home, and soon you will also be able to use it with Matter. At the moment, you will not be able to use it with other platforms if you want to integrate it with other smart platforms. It works with Bluetooth to connect to the app on your phone for the lock, and you will be able to unlock it both by using a touch function, a key, the app, and even by using your voice! If you want a keypad, you can also buy it separately, but it does ruin the illusion of having a normal lock!

Like with the previous lock, the battery is going to last you up to one year, but you will have to stock up on CR2 batteries, as it only works with one, and you should have a spare one around for when it runs out of power! This one is going to be more expensive, depending on the version you buy and the color, but on sale, you may be able to grab it for around $280!

best smart door locks
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Best smart door locks for renters: SwitchBot Lock

All of our other smart door locks are great, but they also require you to replace your deadbolt with the smart one. And while it is not the hardest thing to do, it may not be something you will be able to do: be it that you are renting and you do not want to run the risk of ruining the door, or because you are not that handy or you have a really old door that will require you to carve out space in it for the smart lock to fit. No matter what your reason is, the SwitchBot Lock is going to save you!

This smart lock offers a unique solution, as it will work with your existing lock, as it will grab onto the switch and operate it for you. What’s more, it will come in different options; you can install multiple of them on the same door if you have multiple locks, and some of them also work with keys, as they will be able to turn them for you! The SwitchBot Lock is brilliant because it offers you the chance to turn any lock into a smart one.

Out of the box and installed, it will work with key and voice activation alongside the app. If you want a keypad or fingerprint option, they will have to be bought separately. They work with two CR123 batteries that will have to be replaced every six months, so be sure you have some of them lying around. Otherwise, they are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, with Matter coming soon as well.

This innovative smart lock is going to be $99, and you may even get a discount if you buy two of them!

If you’re passionate about smart devices like these locks but are not sure they are for you, do not worry! Smart devices do not have an age limit; however, if you are not yet sure, read all about the most important reasons why retirees and seniors should have smart devices here!

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