6 Best Low Vision Devices to Improve Seniors’ Sight

Vision loss is something normal after a certain age, and we all will experience it at some point. We know that it might sound scary, but it shouldn’t be. Hopefully, with the advance in technology, you can now take advantage of all the available low vision devices you can find on the market.

According to the National Eye Institute, NEI, the majority of the visually impaired population in the United States is made up of older adults. We know that the lives of seniors can be really challenging, and vision loss might become the absolute limit. For some, it can be difficult to adapt to the new changes, but we are sure the following devices will help with that.

Home Tech Revolution is here to help, and this is exactly why we have made this list of the best low vision devices that will make your life easier.

low vision devices
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1. Amigo HD Portable Magnifier

So, you want to read a book, and you feel like you need something that can help you see better. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to read small fonts as a senior, but we think that we have found something that might help you.

If you are visually impaired and need aid when reading, the use of a magnifier might be a lifesaver. The Amigo HD Portable Magnifier has a 7″ LCD that offers you an HD and crystal-clear view of whatever you want to read.

And the best part about this magnifier is that even with all the advanced features it has, it is small, and you can carry it around right into your pocket.

The Amigo HD Portable Magnifier is light, weighing only 1.3 pounds; its magnification may be adjusted from 1.4x to 25x; and it also has two focus modes, auto and manual. More than that, it has 28 color modes and user-friendly tactile buttons.

This is for sure one of the low vision devices that can help you whenever you want to read something but feel unable to do so.

2. Merlin Ultra 24″ Full HD Desktop Magnifier

We know that we already presented you with a magnifier, but the next one is not your regular magnifier. Yeah, it can become pretty hard to read books and magazines after a certain age, but have you ever tried to use your PC?

Sometimes, when you are at your desktop computer, you might encounter some difficulties when reading, writing, or just trying to watch a video. That’s why you can use one of the best low vision devices that are perfect when you want to use technology. This magnifier acts as a desktop that can make everything easier to read.

The Merlin Ultra 24″ Full HD Desktop Magnifier might be your no. 1 assistant if you have low vision but still want to see the photos of your loved ones more clearly. This low-vision system has the ability to transform feelings of irritation, inactivity, loneliness, and sadness into sensations of wonder, optimism, and joy.

If you consider yourself “technologically challenged,” the Merlin Ultra 24″ Full HD Desktop Magnifier is a device that is guaranteed to help you read news articles, look at photos, make shopping lists, write greeting cards, and many more things. It is incredibly user-friendly, and we are sure that every senior could manage to use it.

3. Reveal 16i Portable Magnifier With Speech

This low-vision aid is amazing for any visually impaired senior who needs some extra help. It is a digital magnifier that can offer you a crisp and clear image thanks to its incredible 10x optical zoom camera.

This magnifier has a great advantage because it is easy to store and portable. More than that, anyone can use it, including those who don’t really identify themselves as tech-savvy. If you want to add more technology to it, we have great news since this device is expandable and you can always use its built-in Android tablet, which has a touch-screen monitor.

The Reveal 16i Portable Magnifier is a small all-in-one device that helps low-vision users engage in video calls, write emails, and watch YouTube videos. It can also read any printed materials thanks to its text-to-speech (TTS) screen.

Another feature of this magnifying glass is its distance-viewing camera. You can use this camera to take digital notes, for example, when you are watching TV or in a conference room.

4. MagniLink Zip Premium 17″ Desktop Magnifier

Of all the low vision devices, the MagniLink Zip Premium 17′′ Desktop Magnifier is one that has won the Red Dot Design Award. Even though it is modern, this device is easy to use, lightweight, and small after you fold it down.

It has a beautiful and vibrant color, and it never compromises it. The control panel was created with the highest technological standards and client input in mind. If you are a senior, you will be more than pleased by this device since it is easy to maneuver and you can learn how it works without worrying too much. And when you feel like you are an advanced user, you need to know that it also has an advanced user mode.

5. LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader

If you need a device that can help you read, you can always try to use a text-to-speech reader. LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader is not a simple text-to-speech reader; it is an automatic one. If you are wondering what this means, we are here to explain. The automatic part means that you don’t have to press any buttons to use it, and you will get an immediate text-to-speech conversion.

You might think that a device like this one is pretty big, but we are here to tell you that this reader weighs only 3 lbs. It is easy to carry, it is flat, and it has a fantastic battery life (15 hours).

The LyriQ is intended to aid people who are blind or have visual difficulties by scanning printed materials and reading them aloud. It is very accurate and incredibly fast. Using the text-to-speech reader feature, you will be able to read books, letters, and prescription labels.

All you need to do is take the document that you want to scan and put it at the base of the device. It will start to scan it, and in no time it will start reading it to you. All of this takes only a few seconds. Amazing, right?

low vision devices
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6. MagniPros Magnifying Glass

If you just want a regular magnifying glass, then this one is perfect for you. There are many fancy low vision devices, but maybe you don’t need one of them. You might just need a simple magnifying glass that does its job.

It has a large rectangular lens that is more practical than the classic round-style ones. More than that, it comes equipped with an LED light that has a power of 600 lumens. Perfect if the room you are in doesn’t have the best light.

According to different ratings and reviews, the MagniPros Magnifying Glass will be there for you for a really long time. People say that it can last up to 20 years. So, you will not need to replace it very soon. The only thing that you will need to replace are the AAA batteries that power the light.

Even if it is a little bit more expensive than other regular low vision devices, we think that this item is worth every penny.

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