Top 4 Best Apps to Get the Cheapest Flight Tickets in a Heartbeat

Are you looking to get the cheapest flight tickets? Look no further than these amazing apps!

Let’s be honest for a moment. Sometimes traveling can be really expensive, and finding the cheapest flight tickets can be the biggest hassle. In the end, this is one of the only avenues where you will be able to control, to a certain extent, the price of your tickets. The accommodation generally has fixed rates, or the only chance would be for the prices to go up, so sometimes your best bet to make your vacation less expensive is to find the cheapest flight tickets!

Yet, getting the best rates when it comes to plane tickets is an art not many know! There are sudden price reductions, sales, and offers, and with so many airlines in the game, it can be hard to know where you will be able to get the best deal. Not to mention, it is frustrating when you think you got the cheapest flight tickets, only to see another airline had a better deal immediately after!

To help you avoid this type of frustration and manage to get the cheapest flight tickets on the market, we recommend you use an app that will show you the best deals. Not only do these apps help you find the cheapest flight tickets from all the airlines available, but they will also help you get notified when there are deals and even offers for certain flights you are interested in. By using these apps, you will be able to get the best prices without having to worry about missing out on a deal!

To discover some of the best apps you can use to get the cheapest flight tickets, keep reading!

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This is one of the best apps where you can find some of the cheapest flight tickets on the market. It is compatible with any type of smartphone; be it an iPhone or an Android phone, the Kiwi app will be able to be installed on both types of devices. Kiwi is an app that both searches for the cheapest flight tickets on all available airlines and has the added bonus of combining the flights with the lowest fares so that you can get the best deal.

This may mean that you end up flying out with one airline and flying in with another one, but if you are not picky about this, it is the best way in which you can secure cheap flight tickets for your vacation. This free app is great to use if you are already set on going on vacation but do not have a destination in mind. You can choose an airport that is close to you, and you can easily use the app to see price alerts for the cheapest flights at that airport, so you can decide on the spot to get the best fares!

What’s more, the app also has price alerts and airport maps integrated into it, so you do not have to worry about getting lost in huge airports and can even access your mobile boarding pass! Recently, they have also integrated some tips and tricks to offer you travel hacks, along with hidden cities and a handy “Nomad Tool” if you like to visit a lot of cities. You will also be able to find some travel services offered by the Kiwi app to visit the destination you have chosen and a hand Wi-Fi spotting tool so you know where you can find hotspots.


You have probably heard of Skyscanner before, and for good measure too! It is one of the most popular apps for finding the cheapest flight tickets, and you can easily use it with any Android or Apple device. The app is going to give you price alerts if you have a set period you are keeping an eye on, and you can easily count on it to tell you when the period has a lower price.

Otherwise, the app is really easy to use, has a friendly interface, and can help you both search for and set up alerts for specific dates or flight routes, so you can be notified when cheap flight tickets become available.

A lot of users of this app also use it for its calendar and chart features, which will show you a direct comparison between all flights of interest, no matter if your destination is domestic or international. What’s more, it will also indicate the carbon footprint the flight has and point to the ones that are more conscientious about carbon dioxide emissions. You will also be able to mix and match flights from different carriers, so you can easily get the best price for your chosen itinerary at the airport you have chosen.

When you are ready to purchase, the app will redirect you to the third-party booking app so that you can book directly with your airline after they find you the best deal. And, if you are one of the travelers who enjoy renting a car, the app will also give you suggestions and deals for both car rentals and hotels! The best part yet? The app is free to use!

Sometimes it can be hard to remember everything you had to pay for a vacation and keep track of everything. This is why we recommend that you buy a travel planner! This one that you can get on Amazon for only $16 has all you could ever need, including budgeting and special sections for research, foods to try, transport, and many other checklists!

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When it comes to cheap flight tickets, you can rely on Hopper to be able to find some of the best deals out there. The app boasts that it will be able to find and predict the prices of future flights with 95% accuracy and that its users save about $65 on their flights each time they use Hopper for their flights. The app is great if you want to keep an eye on flights and then get a notification when the flights are going to reach their lowest price ever.

Hopper also has the option to be able to find car rental deals and even great accommodation prices, in addition to their cheap flight ticket option, and you can do this directly from the app. This means that if you do not like to go through the hassle of booking everything separately and run the risk of paying more than you would if you used the app, then you can easily plan your whole vacation from the Hopper app with no problem!

A lot of users prefer to buy their cheap flight tickets through Hopper because they offer Carrot Cash Rewards: when you book your tickets through them, you will earn back 1% back to your account, which can then be used later to make your flights cheaper than they were since you can use the reward cashback! You can get the app for free on both Apple and Android, and you will be able to install it easily. The interface is also easy to navigate, with color codes that will indicate if a flight is a good deal or not!


Going is one of those apps that does have paid content for it, but when you take into consideration the savings you are going to make and if you plan to use it as your main method of finding cheap flight tickets, you do not have to worry about the added cost. Even more so if you are a travel enthusiast and finding the cheapest fight tickets is high on your bucket list.

Going is one of those apps that is going to offer you one of the best airfare programs on the market so that you can end up buying the tickets for your desired destination at the best rates available. They will end up sending you not only email alerts but also notifications directly through your phone about these flight deals for your selected destination.

The Going app, which used to be known as Scott’s Cheap Flights, has always been one of the go-to destinations for the cheapest flight tickets, and the company makes a point to mention that its users get deals anywhere between 40 and 90% of the original ticket price! What is great about Going is that they are going to send you alerts based on the criteria you have chosen, not just when there are cheap flight tickets available as a general rule.

This app works as a tiered service, with both free and paid options. The free option will result in a limited account that is only going to give you deal alerts for international economy flights.
The Premium plan is going to cost you about $49 a year, and it will also include alerts about domestic economy flights, weekend getaways, and mistake fares for the airports of your choice.

Their most expensive level is called an Elite plan, which is going to cost you $199 a year. This one is the best one for frequent fliers that will travel a lot and are going to need to get the cheapest flight tickets at any time. It includes alerts for all types of flights, including economy, business, and even first-class ones, along with mistake fares for U.S. airports!

If you’re going to be flying anytime soon, we suggest you check out these amazing gadgets you should never fly without, especially on a long trip!

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