These Cool Tech Gifts for Grandparents Cost Less Than $100

Have you ever wondered what tech gifts for grandparents exist out there?

We all reach that point when we have to make a gift for our older family members, and while some of them do not like technological advancements, that doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable tech gifts for grandparents out there on the market! If anything, there are plenty of tech gifts for grandparents out there if you only know how to look at them and if you know how to frame the gift. The golden rule when you are making such gifts is to make sure the seniors in your life will find use in them and that they will love to both receive and use them!

Finding tech gifts for grandparents is not as hard as one may think, especially if you are on a budget. You just have to not look at all the newest gadgets out there on the market and think about them in a way that is going to help you. Unless the grandparent you are shopping for is just as tech-savvy as you are, they generally have no use for the latest models of everything tech-related, and unless you know they absolutely love a type of gadget and they use it all the time, it would be a bad move to invest in something really expensive.

These gifts we have gathered here serve two purposes: they are definitely useful and great gift ideas that are affordable, but for some of them, it can be a starting ground for a more expensive gift down the line when you can easily upgrade their device if they end up falling in love with the gift you chose!

Keep reading to discover the best tech gifts for grandparents!

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tech gifts for grandparents
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1. Digital picture frame

This is one of the best tech gifts for grandparents for more reasons: a lot of our older relatives absolutely love looking at pictures of their children, grandchildren, family members, and friends. However, there is only so much space on the mantle or walls for frames. This is where the digital picture frame comes into play, as most of them nowadays allow you to not only insert an SD card into it full of their favorite pictures to be shown in a continuous slide show but they can also be controlled from their phone, meaning they can always be in control of the pictures shown.

Some of the smarter ones can also be controlled through Wi-Fi or connected to a phone from a distance. That way, you can also help them set it up even if you are not there with them. The best thing about such tech gifts for grandparents is that they are going to find a good use for them and make them happy. What’s more, some new models also allow you to share pictures from a distance so that you can see them on a bigger screen! What’s not to love about these affordable digital frames?

2. Mini photo printer

However, if your grandparents love having photo albums and printing out photos for their frames, why not make their lives easier? This is one of the best tech gifts for grandparents who are used to using their phones and love to craft. My grandma is one of these seniors who love to keep up with the times, and when we got her a photo printer for her birthday, she was both amazed and extremely excited. The printer helped her to print all the pictures she wanted of all her loved ones and she finally stopped complaining that she can only see her favorite pictures online.

You will kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, you will get an amazing gift for them while also making sure that they get to keep their hobbies and interests alive, as they can keep making their albums or decorating their frames with less hassle. Even better, it is cheaper than it would be to have them professionally printed, so this adds to how affordable it is.

tech gifts for grandparents
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3. E-book reader

Do your grandparents love to read? Then why not make use of one of these tech gifts for grandparents to introduce them to e-books and a trusty device where they can hold all their books and read? Of course, you are very likely to encounter the year-old argument that they prefer physical books, but at some point, they will get used to these devices and may even have to use one of them.

Some books, as amazing as they are and how great it is to turn the pages, are quite heavy when held for long periods, and if your grandparents have arthritis, this can end up being harder as they keep on aging. A great way for them to continue reading their favorite books is to do so on an e-book reader: they are light, as tiny or big as they may want, you can customize the font size so it is easy to see, they are extremely easy to use, and they have a long battery life. Soon after giving them a chance, they will see why they are amazing.

Not to mention, this is one of the tech gifts for grandparents that can end up being extremely affordable depending on the version and brand of e-book you get them. If you are not sure they will use them, it is good to get them an older-generation Kindle or the basic version. You can always help them upgrade later!

4. Tablet

If you do not think they will be keen on using the e-book reader, maybe it is better to turn your attention towards tech gifts for grandparents that are better for multiple tasks. This is where a tablet comes into play: it is amazing if they want to be able to play some games while sitting in their favorite chair in the living room, be able to access the internet, read on them, video chat on a bigger screen, or even just scroll on Facebook.

It may seem like something they are not going to use, but you can never be so sure. Especially if they have been saying their phone screens are too small lately. A tablet is a great way to keep in contact with them, and you do not have to break the bank to get them the latest model. See how they adapt with a basic model (you may be interested in looking at the GrandPad tablet if they are really old), and if needed, they can upgrade later.

5.  Smart mug

If anything else fails, you can also take a look at other types of tech gifts for grandparents that fall into the useful gadget category. These smart mugs are great for those seniors who hate to drink their coffee or tea cold or who just enjoy always having a tea mug close by. They are specially built so that they will always keep their beverage hot, and while some models can be really expensive, you can get lucky and get one for around $100 on sale! Just keep an eye on the listing.

Otherwise, you can look into getting a hot plate for their mugs; some have special safety functions that turn off, so you do not have to worry about them accidentally hurting themselves.

If you were considering spending a bit more on tech gifts for grandparents or even just looking for a useful gadget to gift, make sure you check out our article about the best cleaning gadgets on the market that are going to make life easier for everyone, but especially for those who are past retirement age!

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