Turn Your Home into a Movie Theater With These 4 Smart TV Gadgets

It doesn’t matter if you are a cinephile or not; nothing is better than watching your favorite movies or TV shows on a big screen right from the comfort of your home. Snacks at hand, a comfortable seat, and some modern smart TV gadgets—what more can you ask for?

In the following article, we will present you with some of the newest devices that can improve your experience when you are watching TV at home. Lighting, sound, and food—all of these can make a difference when you want to go from a regular movie night to an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Stay with us here on Home Tech Revolution and discover the most amazing smart TV gadgets that will surely change your life.

smart tv gadgets
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1. Smart speaker

Even if some people might not realize it, the sound is incredibly important when watching a movie. Just imagine watching all of those horror films, and when a jump-scare scene is on the screen, there is no sound playing. Will it have the same impact on those who are watching?

But if you love music, you should know that smart speakers are smart TV gadgets that can be used on their own, for example, if you want to listen to your favorite tunes. There are many speakers on the market you can choose from, but one thing is sure: this intelligent gadget will definitely transform your boring living room into an amazing entertaining space. The ability to enjoy high-quality sound while watching a movie is like a dream come true.

The VIZIO V-Series 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar is a good Smart Speaker system that has many features, and you can find a place for it in any home. It comes with Dolby Audio 5.1, and this can really get the best audio from your 4K HDR content.

Fill your room with the most amazing sound by taking advantage of the wireless subwoofer. You can place this subwoofer anywhere in the room and enjoy your movies. Even more, this audio system is compatible with the most popular voice assistants, and you can control it from a distance.

So, if you want to step up your experience of movie watching, smart speakers are some of the best smart TV gadgets you can get.

2. Projector

A big TV is awesome, and any of us wants one in our home, but do you know what else is so much better? A projector. This is one of those smart TV gadgets that can really transform the way you watch TV.

If you want a sharper image and a larger screen, then you should definitely get a smart projector. With the help of this device, you can turn any ordinary room into an engaging viewing area by immediately projecting the image onto the wall.

When watching a movie or working on a presentation, a projector is always a good assistant. And for a projector, you can also use a projector screen. But you don’t need to worry about that because there are many alternatives on the market.

So, if you are into smart TV gadgets and want to purchase a good projector, we can recommend the Roconia 12000LM Full HD Movie Projector. You can easily find it on Amazon, and it has all the features that you need.

Great brightness, great colors, and an amazing contrast ratio of 10000:1. The quality of the projection image is impeccable, and it will surely give you that immersive home theater experience that we all want.

This is a high-quality projector that has 100,000 hours of LED life, which is much more than your average projector. With its intelligent ecological technology, this gadget does not consume a lot of energy, but at the same time, it can offer you the best image possible.

3. Popcorn maker

Maybe you were not expecting to find this entry on a list of smart TV gadgets, but really, what is a movie without popcorn? This is already a tradition: when you go to the movies, you have to buy some popcorn and a drink.

But what are you going to do if the movie theater is at your home? Are you not eating popcorn anymore? Are you going to watch the movie without it? Hopefully, you don’t have to do any of these because now you can just buy a popcorn machine.

Yes, there are a lot of popcorn machines on Amazon, and we are sure that they can make your movie-watching experience so much better. And the best part is that the popcorn was made by you. That means you can avoid any unhealthy ingredients and take care of your diet.

The Popcorn Popper Machine has a 4-ounce stainless steel kettle, which allows the machine to pop 5–6 servings of popcorn in just a few minutes. It also stirs the popcorn itself, so you don’t have to do much. Just put the ingredients inside and let the machine do its job. It’s easy and safe to operate, but most importantly, it is also easy to clean.

If you plan to have an amazing movie night with your friends and you want to be the best host, buy a popcorn machine, and we are sure that everyone will be impressed. It might not be one of the smart TV gadgets that you were expecting to find here, but it’s definitely a pretty useful one.

smart tv gadgets
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4. Smart lighting

Lighting is a big thing that really influences the ambiance of a room. Be it your bedroom or your living room, good lights really make a difference, and they are an easy and effective way of making the space you live in look better.

But now we want to ask you something else. When you went to the movies, did you ever notice the lights? The lighting in the movie theaters has its own charm, and it gives the space that unmistakable vibe.

And since everything is going smart today, why not choose a smart lighting system? This can definitely change the way you see movies, and it can make you feel like you are in a movie theater while you are just in your living room.

The best thing is that these lights let you change their color and intensity. Maybe you want a dimmer light. That will no longer be a problem if you decide to have your own smart lighting system.

After looking on Amazon, we found the JULLISON LED Smart Lights. They come in a set of four and are perfect for any home since they are easy to install and extremely versatile. You can choose the color and intensity of light, and you can also control the lights in groups.

Even more, the lights are able to change their color in sync with the beat of the music. In order to do all of these things, you need to download the Smart Life APP or Tuya Smart APP. You can match the lights with the movie, and this can definitely make movie watching a great home activity.

And probably the best part is that the JULLISON LED Smart Lights are compatible with Alexa, so you can control them with your voice. We truly believe that these lights are some of the most wanted smart TV gadgets, and they will surely make your home a better place.

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