Walk-In Bathtubs, Grip Handles, and 5 Other Smart Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is the most dangerous spot in the house because it’s where most accidents happen. Just think how easy it is to stumble due to slippery floor tiles and no grab bars to hold on to, and you’ll understand why the bathroom can be a scary place, especially for people with disabilities and mobility issues.

The good news is that there are plenty of smart bathroom accessories to reduce the risk of accidents. The independence of the bathroom without the risk of slipping, falling, tripping, or breaking one’s bones can now be regained through a bathroom innovation called the wet room.

Wet rooms are a type of modern bathroom that is meant to meet disabled people’s needs. These bathrooms are ideal for those who have limited mobility due to illness or age or are disabled by relying on wheelchairs and crutches.

The structure of a bathroom like this should be tailored to the needs of the disabled. These wet rooms do away with the dangers by using adjusted toilet heights, the strategic installation of grab bars, and non-slip floors. In the shower, one may enjoy standing down, standing up, or just sitting while taking a shower.

In other words, there are many smart bathroom accessories that have the reliable ability to help old people. We’re here to show you some of the best options! Without further ado, let us check out 7 such advanced bathroom components that will help elderly and disabled people!

smart bathroom accessories
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1. Guardian toilet safety frame

The guardian toilet safety frame offers additional assistance to people who need support getting up from or sitting down on a toilet seat. Smart bathroom accessories like this one are simply lifesaving. Not only is it easy to install, but it’s also affordable.

The form factor of the device follows a route where most of the person’s weight who relies on it is dispersed via the cane-like legs that connect with the bathroom floor. Plus, the vertical length of these legs can be adjusted, so they’re great for people of different heights.

2. Stander security pole and curve grab bar

Next on our list of smart bathroom accessories is another great support mechanism: the Stander security pole and curve grab bar. It prevents falls by providing stability and safety, whether you’re sitting, standing, or stepping over the bathtub or shower ledges.

The curved grab bar rotates, and you can lock it into position at every 45-degree angle. This allows eight different positions for the person who uses it to hold on to.

You just have to adjust the ceiling-to-floor transfer pole (it fits flat ceilings measuring from 7 to 10 feet tall). The device has rubber pads included to protect both your floor and ceiling from damage.

3. Heavy-duty sliding transfer bench

Moving on with our list of smart bathroom accessories, we come across a self-contained system that helps elderly and disabled people alike enter and exit a bathtub or shower with ease. With the bench in position and adjusted to the proper height, the individual only needs someone to help them onto the seat.

Once the safety lap belt is secured, the caregiver can help slide the person into the shower or bathtub, giving them independence, safety, and security while bathing.

This device makes transfers from walkers or wheelchairs to the shower or bath easy with a safe sliding design meant to minimize strain. It features a no-tool design and is easy to assemble. The tub-to-shower transfer doesn’t require permanent mounting hardware. Also, the seat can be configured with a left or right install.

Its normal usage pattern allows showering in a comfortable seated position. However, the sliding transfer bench also features a recess in the seat for perineal access.

grip handles
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4. Grip handles

Grip handles are some of the top smart bathroom accessories every elderly and disabled person should have. These helpful devices can help you get in, get down and up, or move with ease inside the shower.

Public health institutions like hospitals need to follow local regulations to make their washrooms accessible to all kinds of people. When it comes to residential settings, it’s up to the homeowner to install such smart bathroom accessories. You may not need them now, but as you age, chances are you’ll experience changes in your mobility.

Reliable grip handles are those textured for easy grasp, screwed on, or clamped on, so they are safe to use regardless of the weight of the person.

5. AquaSense shower spray

Next on our list of smart bathroom accessories is this shower spray that can be life-changing for those who need it. Independence, comfort, and safety—these are the three design pillars that form the basis of the innovative AquaSense shower spray.

With an 80-inch-long tangle-free hose made from durable stainless steel, the device allows you to bathe while sitting or standing. It features a handheld sprayer that comes with three spray settings that can be activated through an easy-to-turn spray dial. You can choose between a wide, narrow, or standard spray.

The shower spray also has a simple on/off rotating knob located at the base of the handle that allows you to easily control the flow of water. Additionally, the handheld shower includes a convenient shower hook, which simplifies installation with easy, tool-free assembly.

If you’re interested in getting yourself the AquaSense shower spray, Amazon sells it at a hard-to-beat price. Get it here!

6. Safe-er grip handle

No, this isn’t an old landline phone, but a bathroom assist handle.

We’ve already talked about grip handles, but there are other smart bathroom accessories you may also be interested in. Safe-er grip handles are flexible tools that hold on most bathroom surfaces. The device becomes especially useful when walking on slippery floors and unsuccessfully trying to grip wet surfaces.

It’s important to note that smart bathroom accessories like this one don’t work on dry walls, so the bathroom is the only place you can have them. Simply press the tab levers and attach them to the wall. Make sure you apply pressure to the handle, then flip the latches down for a secure lock. The tile must be 4×4 or greater.

This device is for balance assistance only and shouldn’t be used for body weight leverage. Moreover, the grip handle should be checked before each use to ensure it’s securely attached. If necessary, reattach it.

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7. Deluxe walk-in bathtub

Last but not least on our list of smart bathroom accessories, we have this innovation you may want to know more about. The deluxe walk-in bathtub is a tub made from a solid acrylic sheet through a vacuum-forming process.

Under the shell, there’s a stainless steel frame reinforced with gel coat layers and fiberglass mesh. It measures 29.5 inches wide and 55 inches long with a comfortable 19.5-inch-wide seat, making this a good choice for average-sized bathers.

The bathtub’s main feature is the U-shape inward swing door, which is made from brushed stainless steel and features a frosted tempered glass window. There’s also an extended lever lock that creates a watertight door seal.

The greatest advantage of this bathtub would surely be its accessible side panel. This completely eliminates the need for those balancing acts and high steps that most elderly people find difficult.

But the benefits of smart bathroom accessories like this one don’t stop here. The bathtub also boasts other features, including ozone sterilization, grab bars, an in-line water heater, and even Chromatherapy Therapeutic Lighting.

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