Which Are the Best (and Worst) Spots to Place Home Security Cameras?

Did you ever think that your security system is not placed correctly?

A lot of us have made the smart decision to invest in a security system. Living in a house, despite the neighborhood being considered safe, can end up making your home a target of burglars, robbers, and even crazy people who may try to break into your home. The best way to make sure that they are deterred from doing so is to have a security system with cameras and a good alarm system.

The cameras being there will make any potential intruders think twice, but they will also provide valuable evidence and help you catch the criminal.

That’s exactly why you should ensure that they are placed properly around your property! It can happen that your camera system is good, but since they are improperly placed, they do not capture the best footage, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Read along to discover all the best and worst placements for cameras!

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Yes: Place them somewhere high!

When it comes to security cameras, their placement is of utmost importance, and you can actually be putting them in bad places if you are not making sure they are installed in a high enough place. You could be thinking that if they’re too high up, they are way too visible. However, that is just where they should be placed to ensure that you are getting the best footage and, thus, security for your home.

One of the worst things you can do is place them close to the ground or even on the ground. That way, you may expose it to physical damage if people step on it or kick it, even by accident; neighborhood animals can cause damage to it; and you run the very high risk of not managing to record any footage that will help you if it comes to worst and you get robbed!

The best placement is somewhere high, as high as possible so that the camera can get clear and wide footage. That way, you will also be able to film the intruder’s whole body, which will later help identify them based on their clothes! Not to mention, if they are higher, they will be harder to spot, and you can rest assured that no one can reach them to move them without being caught on camera!

No: Place cameras in bedrooms!

It may initially seem like a great idea, but in reality, it is one of the worst placements for a security camera. Not everyone can pay for a very complicated system that has modes that will turn the cameras on and off when you are away or at home, so that will mean that you will have to do it manually.

It isn’t something you will be willing to do every day, and let’s be honest, no one wants to feel like they are being watched 24/7 or have the possibility of having intimate or personal moments caught on camera!

Given that there are people who hack into security systems, cameras in bedrooms are never a good idea!

Yes: Make most of the corners!

Placing the security camera on a straight wall may be the easiest option, but this will mean that you may need to place more cameras and that there will be blank angles, which can leave you more exposed than protected. Since the goal is to make sure that you get the best quality footage of your home in order to ensure its security, you should make the most of the corners!

That way, if it’s also at a high angle, you will be able to catch the whole picture and also widen the shot so that there will be no details left out of the recording!

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No: Block the lens!

The lens on your camera needs to not be obstructed by any sort of object so that you can get clear footage of your place of interest. This means that if you have placed your camera somewhere and a tree is blocking part of the view, you need to change the placement!

There are some obvious places of interest that your camera needs to be pointed toward, and the best course of action is to just keep it simple. Have your camera up high so that it cannot be easily moved, with no objects, trees, or plants around the lens or in its filming path!

Yes: Make sure they face doors and windows!

Since we mentioned places of high traffic and points of interest, you need to make sure that your cameras are facing your windows and doors! Statistically, these are the most used places in the home, both by the people who live there (so you can see who comes and goes if something happens) and by burglars who will use them to gain entry to your home.

You may be tempted to only film your front door, but you should not limit yourself to only those ones. The backdoor is another popular point of entry that needs to be visible on your security system, along with any side doors and big windows you have around the home. It might also be a good idea to install them around balcony windows or doors so that you can cover all points of interest.

This way, you can have clear video of anyone who may try to get inside your door and also of people who may be scouting the area and using your doors or windows to look inside to see what they could steal from you!

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No: Bathrooms security cameras

If there is one thing that you should never do when we talk about where not to place security cameras, this one is one of the most important! It is a clear way in which you may be invading someone’s privacy, and you will also be successful in making your guests feel uncomfortable, no matter if they are family or not! Not only is it a bit weird to place security cameras in a bathroom, but it may actually be illegal!

When it comes to bathrooms, you will be recording someone without their consent in a very private situation, and this can lead you into a ton of legal trouble!

Sure, you might want to be careful around your medicine cabinet and other items, but you cannot use cameras in there! Invest in a motion sensor if you are worried about things like that!

Yes: Have signs put up!

If you are truly worried about the possibility of people trying to break into your home, besides putting up a good security system, you can also put up some signs that the property is being filmed. It’s been proven that people are more careful when they are being filmed, so you can make use of this tactic by simply putting up a sign on the side of your door or in your yard.

They are cheap to get from Amazon, and you can get more peace of mind with them!

If you want to be safe even inside your home and when you are doing things around the house, then you should read more about these amazing gadgets!

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