9 Must-Have Appliances EVERY Senior Should Have at Home

Have you ever wondered what type of appliance or gadget will make your life easier?

When we talk about aging, we all have to come to terms with the fact that as seniors we will no longer be able to do a lot of the things we find common and easy now without appliances or gadgets. That is why we should look into them as soon as possible; not only will it help you be in the know and maybe even help other seniors in your life, but they can end up proving useful no matter your age!

In the end, not everyone has the same strength or mobility, and these appliances and gadgets will both make your life easier and help you stay out of harm’s way!

Read along to discover all the best gadgets and appliances you need to have around the house once you retire!

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1. Touchless Faucets

They may seem unnecessary, but just think about it in these terms: isn’t it easier to just put your hands under the faucet and have the water cascade out of it without any other problems with the levers? Not to mention, if you like to conserve water when your hands are full of soap suds, it is more accessible to just have the water come out of the faucet due to the sensor than to make everything full of soap!

Touchless faucets are a very easy-to-use appliance, and this is what makes them perfect for seniors, people who have arthritis, and even people who suffer from chronic diseases and chronic pain!

2. Grabber Stick

You have heard of this gadget as a reaching stick, but it also goes by the alias of a pick-up tool or teacher grabber. It may seem like a useless gadget to have around, but you need to put things in perspective. The extendable stick with the grabber at the end can end up being a lifesaver for people who cannot bend over, who have problems reaching high surfaces, or who just have limited mobility.

They are perfect for seniors to be able to use more surfaces despite potentially having mobility issues, and they have been one of the most loved gadgets for people who have neck and back problems and even people who are disabled and use a wheelchair or other walking aids.

3. Kitchen Timers

This appliance is a great way for everyone to remember their cooking process or just to give a little nudge if they are a bit more forgetful. While they do make amazing gadgets for seniors, they are not something that is limited to them as even if you are in your prime of life, you can still forget a pot in the oven or on the stove and make a mess.

This is why it is better to just get a kitchen timer; not only are they inexpensive and they will not hurt, but they will help you

Kitchen timers are a great way to provide your senior with gentle reminders while cooking. No more forgetting about food left on the stove or in the oven. While a crockpot may time itself, a kitchen timer as a backup can’t hurt.

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4. Jar Opener

If there is any gadget that stays with you after this article, it should definitely be the jar opener, be it a classic one or an automated one! They are inexpensive, and they are bound to become a staple in any senior’s house. And, like many other gadgets on our list, it is not just an item for retirees, as it can also be really useful for single-mother households, people with chronic pain, and disabled people.

Jar openers come in many shapes and forms, as well as different price ranges, and there are also specially made ones that are meant for elders and people who suffer from arthritis. When shopping for one, make sure you choose one that has a no-slip handle and that has multiple sizes! With this type of opener, you will be able to open anything from a bottle to a big jar!

5. LED Faucet Lights

Since we talked about touchless faucets, we should also touch on the topic of faucet lights. They are especially useful when it comes to knowing what type of water it is, as they generally run blue when cold and red when hot. It seems like nothing too important, but it can save you from burning your hands on too hot water if you accidentally forgot to change the water setting the last time you used it.

They are great for seniors, and it is useful to put them on both sinks and in the shower! Not to mention, the colored lights are also pretty, and they can be used at night without having to open the overhead light.

6. Ergonomic Can Opener

We talked about jars, but we also need to turn our attention to cans. Most cans nowadays have a key to open them, but that is exactly why you need an ergonomic can opener for the seniors in your life and even for yourself. People who do not have a lot of arm strength or find it hard to grip small objects will find opening cans difficult, and this is definitely true as we get older.

A non-slip can opener with an ergonomic design is going to be a lifesaver for more people than seniors, so consider having one on hand no matter how easy it is for you to open cans!

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7. Kitchen Shears With a Soft Grip

Every kitchen needs a good pair of kitchen shears—no question needed! Not only is it way easier to cut small things such as fresh herbs and scallions with shears, but as you get older, you will not be able to use the same force you used when using a knife. A sharp pair of shears will be able to cut everything from the easiest produce, like chives, all the way down to hard jerky! You can even cut steak with them!

Make sure you look for a pair that has a soft grip; it will give you more stability when using the shears, and they will be more comfortable to use as well! What’s more, you can have another pair for non-food usage around the home as well!

8. Cut-Resistant Gloves

And since we talked about sharp objects, you need to make sure that you are protected when you are using them. Common kitchen items such as graters, scissors, shears, and knives can cause mild to severe injuries that most seniors should not be dealing with. This is why, as you get older, you should invest in a pair of high-quality, cut-resistant gloves. They will be the best aid for protecting your hand even when you accidentally get distracted!

They are also useful in other situations so do not think that the kitchen is the only place for such a pair of gloves!

9. A Good Non-Stick Pan

One of the things you need around your home that is going to make a ton of difference is the pans you use. As a senior, you need to minimize all the potential risks you expose yourself to, and keeping those older pans that will inadvertently get something stuck on them is both a fire hazard and a prime opportunity to burn yourself trying to scrape it off.

Investing in high-quality non-stick pans will ensure that you do not have to deal with such instances and will keep you safer. Not only that, but you will also find cooking to be easier, as well as cleaning afterward. While not that much of a gadget, these pans are one of the staples that you shouldn’t miss in your life!

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