Garden Gadgets: 10 Things That Will Make Gardening a Piece of Cake

Tech gadgets are currently flooding the market with ingeniously remote-operated bbq grills to homes that are even smarter than many people. Well, the same goes for the gardening world, as plenty of gadgets and tools are rising in the market, often for tasks and things we didn’t even think we could use help for.

Imagine the most basic but tiresome action you could perform in the garden. Then, imagine you’d find out today that a gadget can do the job for you. Most of these gadgets are life-changing, and since we’re all about living an easier life, we’ve decided to share them with you.

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Smart sprinkler controls

Having a sprinkler system that you can manage from an app is cool. You can plan ahead your watering schedule sitting on your couch. Also, you can tailor and customize settings depending on specific zones of your garden.

These super smart systems will assess the soil type, climate, season, and even the plant types, to establish the best watering schedule, depending on the situation. Most of them have innovative technologies that prevent watering when it’s about to rain outside or the temperatures are already dropping. This is a wonderful way to save more on water bills. Water conservation is also very good for the planet.

Robotic lawn mower

Lawn mowing is a terrible chore, and we’re definitely avid fans of anything that would minimize the time we need to spend doing that. Well, Robotic Lawn Mowers might look like the bigger version of the popular in-home automatic vacuum cleaner, only that it cuts grass.

You can easily set up boundaries, the blade size that’s most recommended, and even schedule. Your lawn will look incredible without dropping a sweat. These electric mowers can move around yard objects thanks to some very intelligent sensors.

They can also dock themselves if they sense rain is right around the corner. These robotic lawnmowers will take all the work away, and they’re also incredibly quiet, which is a huge improvement from the old loud gas mowers we’ve been used to. You might want to consider getting one of these smart gadgets for the sake of your neighbors, too!

Seedling heat mat

Germinating seeds is no easy job, especially if you’re doing it inside in winter. You probably already noticed that most seeds require a lot of warmth before sprouting, and it takes way longer if they stay indoors, but it’s not warm enough. Well, you’ll love to find out that a few very smart people invented seedling heat mats.

They provide stable and consistent temperatures that can easily speed up germination. Seedling heat mats are definitely a must-have if you have a cold house, plenty of drafts, and no other way to maintain the soil temperatures up. They’re tiny and perfect for people who are passionate about gardening but don’t have the necessary means: a garden.

gardening gadget
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Soil thermometer

As I mentioned before, the soil temperature matters a great deal. Vegetable and flower seeds could only germinate when the soil temperature is appropriate. Planting them too soon or too late might be a waste of seeds and time.

A soil temperature thermometer could make spring planting much easier and eliminate the guessing. A soil thermometer is made out of a probe that you need to insert in the ground, and it will show you the soil’s temperature. Honestly, it might not be the most techy thing on this list, but it’s still a highly valuable gardening tool.

Soil moisture meter

Knowing when is the right time to water your plants can prove to be a bit difficult. Some plants might be into drier soil, as others feel better when the soil is more moist. It’s also worth mentioning that moisture levels vary slightly depending on the depth.

Well, a soil meter does just that: it measures the moisture level and gives you the right readout. This way, you can easily tell whether you should add more water or not. If you have trouble watering, then this might be the right gadget for you.

It simply takes all the guesswork away. Trust me, those of you who have been gardening for quite some time now won’t feel the need to purchase this tool. But if you’ve just started, then it’s a good start.

Wireless rain gauge system

Rainfall is a highly important component of outdoor gardening. One day of rain can dictate the watering schedule for the upcoming week. Also, knowing how much might rainfall in inches equals knowing how much water your plants got.

The wireless rain gauge measures precipitation, storing the information for use. Naturally, there are static rain gauges that you simply put in the ground, and then you check after the rain to see the amount of water.

Besides, you might have to be at the location to check the gauge. But guess what: with a smart rain gauge, you can compare the monthly or even the yearly results, anticipating and planning the watering schedules. Most of them display humidity and temperature, making them a convenient device.

gardening gadget
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Motion-activated sprinkler animal deterrent

There are many tech gadgets that you can use to get rid of garden pests, but it doesn’t really seem super easy to find the one that actually works. According to other gardeners, a sprinkler can send water sprays to all unwanted garden visitors.

And they say that the results are great. When we say garden visitors, we’re talking about everything: deers, raccoons, bunnies, and especially nosy neighbors who might want a piece of our tomato. If they want anything, they should come and ask. However, make sure that the visitor is not you after a couple of Margaritas. Because, unfortunately, you’re gonna get the same treatment.

Smart watering pot

We have to admit, the intention behind these little babies is actually great. We’re talking about a plant pot with sensors in it meant to control moisture, light, and temperature. The sensors trigger watering when the soil is too dry, and the entire thing is carefully managed through a smartphone app.

The smart pot lets you know when to move it in or out of direct light, but also when it’s way too cold or warm for the plant. Ideally, this gadget should be used by plant owners who also like to travel a lot. Although, we must admit: it could use some design improvement!

Indoor garden system

A small hydroponic system taking care of your fresh herbs and greens doesn’t sound so bad, right? Luckily for you, plenty of indoor gardening systems are on the market, which makes the whole ordeal much easier and provides exceptional results.

Indoor garden systems depend on price, structure, but also size. Some systems might grow a couple of vegetables, and those that grow a dozen of them. Make sure you carefully read the reviews before jumping to purchasing.

Smart security cameras and trail cams

I know what you’re thinking: why would I need a security camera for gardening? They might be handy when you’re constantly dealing with destructive critters. You can set up a smart security camera somewhere outside your home to find out who or what’s constantly invading your garden. These smart cameras will send you pictures, so you’ll have proof. If you’re quick, you can even catch the perpetrator on time!

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