9 Reasons Why You Need a Slow Cooker in Your Life

There’s an old saying that you don’t really know what you’re missing until you get yourself a slow cooker. Well, it’s true, and I didn’t believe it either until I bought one myself. Let’s say it’s one of those gadgets that makes you realize just how easy cooking is.

Before, I genuinely believed that you couldn’t cook without making a mess; you couldn’t eat something fried without using a lot of oil or without guarding the pan like it was the last thing on earth. Well, you can. You can do all that and even more.

It’s one of the most versatile kitchen tools you could ever dream of, with many fans following (including me). If I didn’t convince you already, don’t worry. I have a whole list of reasons why you should get one today:

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It’s budget-friendly

This intelligent gadget will save you a lot of money because it’s packed with pocket-friendly appliances. First things first, you can use meat cuts that are much cheaper but difficult to chew, such as pork shoulder and Swiss steak.

In fact, that’s the charm of the slow cooking process: it breaks up the flesh of undesirable and difficult pieces, making them much tastier and easier to eat. Also, the list doesn’t end with meat. Slow cookers can be easily used to cook dry grains and beans, which might prove to be quite economical and healthy.

The slow cookers are made to absorb the flavor and spices in a proper fashion. They are a great alternative to cooking inexpensive foods; you can cook them just the way you want without burning your pockets. The most basic meal can taste special, similar to gourmet food. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy a budget meal without compromising on the health factor.

Fast and easy to clean

Cleaning is probably the most cumbersome job, and frankly, it’s probably one of the reasons why I would rather order takeout than cook something myself. Well, that’s not the case when you have a slow cooker; you can keep your counter clean and make a delicious pizza.

Many cooking enthusiasts would rather avoid the cooking job than engage in a long, exhausting cleaning process. After all, let’s be real: cleaning four to five vessels for one meal is tiresome. But that’s not the case with a slow cooker.

They have a one-bowl cooking gadget that’s super economical in any possible way, which automatically makes cleaning a breeze. The process will be much easier if you know how to prepare everything cleverly.

Remember to cut your veggies beforehand and carefully store them in the refrigerator. Take those vegetables and store them in a freezer bag of crock-pot-ready meals, so you can save a lot of time when you’re super busy and only have 5 minutes to prepare.

It’s versatile

When you think of slow cookers, you probably think of American foods such as casseroles, meatloaf, or even pot roast. Well, with a slow cooker, you can experiment with many other things, innovate, and create all kinds of tasty dishes other than the ones you already know.

Believe me, you’ll cook so well that you’ll start believing you need to become a chef. American delicacies aren’t the only thing “on the menu,” so to speak, so don’t hesitate to try other things, too, such as French, Indian, or even Chinese recipes. You’ll be able to cook everything you can think of, from stews to rice, soups, and even pancakes.

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It is also a reliable partner

The whole idea of having a slow cooker is to make your meals tastier. But that’s not all you can do. A slow cooker might be super efficient if you’re preparing your meals for the upcoming week. You can cook batches of potatoes, mac and cheese, creamy spinach, and healthy, tasty beans in one go.

A large variety of dishes can be easily done in only one cooking session, which is one of the biggest benefits. Do you know how I discovered that I love this gadget? My gas pipe broke one day, and I couldn’t cook anything. That’s when I first tried my slow cooker, and ever since then, it’s never left my side.


There are lots of people who get bored in the kitchen, mainly because you have to be very efficient in the first 15 minutes, and then you wait for hours in a row. A slow cooker might eliminate this fear of cooking, given that this wonder gadget has made things much easier for many of us.

Just put all the ingredients into the cooker and set the machine to cook at “high” or “low” for as long as it takes. Once it’s all done, you only have to push the button and open it, and your dish is good to go. Or to eat. No rush, no oil burns, nothing. You let that gadget do its job while you set the dinner table. Easy, right?

You will come home to a cooked meal at the end of the day

After a long, exhausting day at work, you might not have the energy to cook anything for yourself, let alone for your family. I totally get why you would avoid cooking after a difficult work day. Luckily, with a slow cooker, you’ll never have to worry about that.

You see, this gadget will make your life easier. When your batteries are recharged, you can prepare everything in the morning, put it in the slow cooker, and set it on low for the entire day. When you finish your workday, you can eat a delicious and tender meal without worrying about staying up too late.

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Saves time

Most people would rather do math than start sautéing, boiling, or God knows what other complicated procedure it might take to cook something tasty. Well, a slow cooker can do that for you. As mentioned before, you’d only have to chop a couple of ingredients and put them in there, along with everything else it takes to prepare a delicious meal.

The slow cooker will save you plenty of time. On top of that, the cleaning job will be an easy breeze since you’ll only have to clean the ceramic crock.

You will be able to prepare all kinds of healthy meals

If you’re eager to start eating healthier, get yourself a slow cooker. Even more, when you already have this gadget, you can eat all those dishes you thought were bad for your diet. Stuffed peppers, chicken chili with rice, and mashed potatoes can be easily cooked in a healthy fashion there.

You will never have to compromise on taste again. Believe it or not, mac and cheese made in a slow cooker can be a healthy choice. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true!

You’ll have leftovers for days

Another reason I love these gadgets is that they are usually big, allowing you to cook more in one take. You can easily cook a week’s worth of meals in only one cooking session. Since most dishes can be frozen easily, there’s no need to finish them. You’ll also be able to eat that tasty roast chicken with vegetables tomorrow. What you cook in a slow cooker today can last for a week. Isn’t it great?

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