5 Revolutionary Devices Invented After 2000

These devices invented after 2000 changed our lives but some barely remember they’re a little over two decades old!

Devices invented after 2000 are some of the most used in their modern versions nowadays, but everyone has gotten so used to having them around that we do not realize they are as recent as they are. It is something we sometimes take for granted when we think about the devices we are using daily, but when you stop to think about it, technology has advanced rapidly in the last two decades. As a result some of the most commonly used devices that some of us believe we have had all our lives around have actually been invented after 2000!

And we do not mean just the kids that were barely a couple years old at the turn of the millennium or those that were born after 2000 themselves, but people like ourselves who were already adults when these gadgets started to roll in and we started to get used to having them around. Over the years, some of these drives have become so universal to our day-to-day lives that we often forget that these devices were invented after 2000 and not before!

Can you guess the most popular gadgets today that were invented after 2000 from our list? Keep reading to discover them, and let us know in the comments below how many of them you can think of!

devices invented after 2000
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1. Kindle

Some of us may have been reading about these handy devices in the last couple of years, but they have not been around as long as others may think. This is one of the devices invented after 2000, at the end of 2007, in November. They were so popular when they came out on the tech scene that they sold out in just five hours! While we may think of sold-out devices and other services as nothing new, it was not something that happened as often back in the day, so this is one of the things that indicates just how big the Kindle is.

It only came back in stock months later, in April 2008, and ever since, we have seen people sign up to buy this handy device and its new iterations every time a new version comes in stock. It is a bit weird to think about this as something invented after 2000, but at the same time, back in 2007, there were no tablets used for entertainment, and Jeff Bezos was a visionary when it came to this part of the tech world, as he did not want to wait for the publishing industry to invent an e-reader!

Despite being simple compared to the models we have nowadays, the Kindle preceded all other entertainment tablets that followed, and they kicked off Amazon’s million-dollar venture in the publishing and book-selling industries! All with one of the devices invented after 2000 under its belt!

2. Microsoft Windows XP (2001)  and Apple Mac OS X (2000)

Going even earlier when it comes to devices invented after 2000, the two most popular operating systems in the world also saw their inception at the turn of the millennium. You may not remember the times of Apple Mac OS X or even of Microsoft Windows XP since we are dealing with their new iterations nowadays, and when we look back at these first options, they look ancient, but they are not as old as they seem.

Especially if we compare Windows XP with Windows 95, its predecessor! These new operating systems were a huge step forward from the sometimes archaic computer systems they were using before, and it did not take them long to become the standard for the industry! The surprising thing is that the systems we know and love and use today still draw on these at times considered basic systems!

It doesn’t matter that something was invented after 2000; it matters its impact on the tech world, and this is one of the biggest ones you can find out there!

3. Toyota Prius

There is a whole discussion around hybrid cars in today’s society, but do you remember one of the first hybrid cars on the market? Yes, you may have forgotten it, but the Toyota Prius was one of the first mass-available cars that would run on both traditional gas and electricity! And while some would be quick to try to correct us that the Prius isn’t among the devices invented after 2000, we are here to remind you that while the first introduced model appeared in 1997, it was the 2001 model that made it all over the globe.

The Prius had been one of the most popular cars Toyota ever invented, and it stood the test of time, with the company selling more than 10,000 units only in May of 2017! The car has since seen a number of redesigns and reworks, but it takes nothing from their claim to fame of being one of the first hybrid cars and Toyota’s first hybrid model!

devices invented after 2000
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4. HDTVs

We cannot have a list of all the most famous devices invented after 2000 without mentioning the high-definition television, or HDTV for short! The technology behind this impressive TV was developed a few years before, in the ’90s, but what we came to know as an HDTV did not become popular until the 2000s! The technology that made them the staple of TVs came about in the 2000s when they became less expensive and more people could afford to buy one!

Nowadays, this device that was invented after 2000 has seen multiple changes, and while a lot of people have also looked towards LCD screens, all households now have HDTVs that are also digital! You can now also connect them to the internet and access even more than just plain cable, like the versions invented after 2000 did before them.

5. iPhone

Speaking of devices invented after 2000, do you remember a time when you did not have a smartphone? It is hard to believe that we relied solely on phones with keyboards and that we had different devices for everything a smartphone can do now. We had a special GPS for when we traveled, a Walkman or iPod for listening to music, and we could only use our computers or laptops to access the internet! Life was much different back then, and when Steve Jobs announced the revolutionary iPhone back in 2007, people could barely believe it!

It is hard to believe we did not have such advanced technology before the 2000s, despite having lived well back then too, but nowadays, the iPhone proved to be one of the most amazing inventions of its time! The smartphone, as Steve Jobs introduced it to the public with its first version, was a product of its time, and over the decades it has only improved! However, it is still odd to think that not only was it invented after 2000, but that it has been less than two decades since we first saw and used the iPhone!

If you are looking for some gadgets that have been invented to help you cool off even in the most sweltering weather, then look no further! These devices invented after 2000 have been made to keep you cool and you should consider getting one yourself! Make sure you read about them here!

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