Top 21 Sleep Devices That Work Perfectly for Seniors

It’s highly critical to get a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, you risk affecting your emotional, mental, and physical health, but it also helps you function in everyday life. Besides anecdotal examples that I could easily write about on 15 pages, there’s also a lot of research that backs this up.

Sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality could affect concentration, memory, and even decision-making, causing a general feeling of anxiety, irritability, and impulsiveness. To fall asleep much easier, you need to build your own sleep routine.

Do you know what makes sleeping so complicated? In order to sleep well, lots of parts of your brain and body need to agree. The more familiar you are with your pre-sleep routine, the more likely those parts will align nicely.

Truth be told, we all have a couple of tricks that help us achieve the perfect sleeping state, so I asked a couple of people who have already tried some of the best gadgets out there, and I have a brand new list of things that might help you catch some Zzz’s. Here’s the list of our sleep devices that work:

sleep devices that work
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The inexpensive weighted blanket BETU

There are plenty of people who struggle with insomnia and parasomnia throughout their adult lives. No matter what remedies, medications, or relaxation techniques they might have tried, nothing worked. So when it comes to sleep devices that work, you need a bit of experience.

Luckily for you, we’ve gathered the experience and others, so you can save more time and get that good sleep as soon as possible. Some folks explained that the best improvement they’ve ever had was after trying a weighted blanket.

A serene meditation app

If you have trouble sleeping, there are other sleep devices that work. When we say gadgets, we don’t mean only gadgets but also apps and software. For instance, the Headspace Mediation App is definitely worth trying, especially since it is an app designed to help you fall asleep.

Moreover, their Sleepcasts include soft background noises, like rain, over a quiet narrator’s voice. One of the best things about Sleepcasts is that you can choose the sounds you prefer. You might also like the app’s “wind-downs.” They are great when you want to prepare your mind to sleep or help you fall asleep again after waking up in the middle of the night.

The smart mattress adjusts as you sleep

After testing more than 30 mattresses, you kind of get used to sleeping on something new every couple of weeks. Well, here’s the thing: among all the sleep devices that work, the 360 i8 Smart Bed is miraculous. You never want to get out of bed.

As a matter of fact, I think we can easily vote it the best adjustable air mattress in our mattress guide. Just like many other Sleep Number mattresses, the i8 is an adjustable air bed with 20 different firmness levels. What makes the i8 so different than the other ones is that it has “responsive air,” which automatically adjusts the level of firmness as you move during the night.

The cool and silky eye mask ZIMASILK

I’m very sensitive to light, and I didn’t even get the chance to buy the blackout curtains I’d dreamed of. However, I had to find some sort of solution, right? And that’s when I reminded myself that there are some really cool objects and sleep devices out there that I can use until I buy the curtains of my dreams *wink-wink*.

And that’s when I decided to try this silky eye mask. It is super soft and comfortable, and the material doesn’t rub against or irritate the acne-prone skin that I’m struggling with. Also, the elastic band won’t squeeze the head, which I find very useful since the last thing you want to do is have something squeeze your head.

sleep devices that work
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Calming essential oils

Truth be told, I never fully understood the need or the hype until I received a diffuser and a Pure Body Naturals Premium Essential Oil Collection of my own. If you don’t know what that is, I’m talking about a six-piece set of peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, and (my favorite one) sweet orange oils.

Needless to say, these oils make your room smell like an updated version of heaven. The lavender oil is wildly recommended when you’ve had a stressful day. You can apply it to your wrist and even mix it with some water to spritz on your pillow and relax before bedtime.

IMAK Weighted eye mask

Next on the list of sleep devices that work are weighted blankets. Weighted eye masks are trending right now. Commonly known as “hugs for the head,” they have the appropriate amount of gentle weights that will apply the right amount of pressure to get you to sleep.

For someone who’s a light sleeper, it is super useful because it blocks out all the light. It also has dual softness: one side has cool jersey cotton, and the other has warm microfiber. You can easily put it in your freezer for more coldness. Even if it lacks straps, you can easily fit one end into the other to make sure it doesn’t move.

A CBD sleep spray

According to “experts” (in this case, people who suffered from insomnia for a very long time), after a lot of CBD sleep remedies and tests, the only spray that worked was Life Bloom Organics. It is a tasteless spray with CBD and other natural sleep aids such as melatonin, valerian root, and L-Theanine.

Two to four sprays will instantly make you sleepy in a matter of minutes, and you’ll never feel any kind of groggy effects the next morning like other CBD sprays do.

Joyching Weighted comforter

If you keep a weighted blanket on top of your old comforter, it could mean that it will slip and slide throughout the night, which can prove disruptive. I’ve been planning to use this weighted comforter for more than three months, and I really like that it has a double purpose.

This way, it won’t shift around just as much, but it will also decrease the amount of stuff that’s piling on my bed. It’s much easier to fall asleep, and you wake up better every night. There are many loops on the corner that can easily secure the comforter in a duvet cover, but you can easily use it without one, too.

A convenient pillow spray you can take with you anywhere

This one is not a gadget, either, but let’s keep the title for the sake of tradition! Next on the list of sleep devices that work is the one and only pillow spray. Now, for the record, I must admit that I found out about this only recently.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as pillow sprays, but according to a couple of people who simply can’t live without one now, it’s the next best thing that will help you sleep. It must be something about its power blend between lavender, vetiver, and chamomile and our bodies; otherwise, it’s nothing but a mystery to me.

What I do know is that everyone wants one, so I’m not going to sit here and not add it to the cart, too!

A travel pillow that will help you fall asleep on your flight

Going on vacation is supposed to be a great time to relax and forget about the stress of your everyday life (if any). But for me, at least on my way to the booked destination, it’s about bad sleep. If you go somewhere nice by air, you automatically subscribe to bad sleep, neck pain, and an overall grumpy mood.

Then, you basically spend the vacation trying to unpack all that travel “sleep trauma” you’ve been through to get there, and when you think you feel a bit better, guess what? You have to return.

I know this is all a bit pessimistic, but I’m trying to prove a point here: I’ve only recently discovered that it can be better than this. With the right sleep devices that work for you, you can get some sleep on your flight; you just need to try a travel pillow from Trtl.

The fluffy, comfortable bathrobe

Besides sleep devices that work, we should pay attention to our nightly routine as well. Sometimes, a good night’s sleep needs a relaxing routine. And nothing says relaxing routine better than a fluffy, comfortable robe.

If you get the chance, get yourself one of those fluffy and luxurious Snowe robes, pull it on after a steamy shower, and cozy up in your bed with a good book. Trust me, when you have stress on your daily menu, it’s way harder to decompress. You would be surprised to find out how easily you can wake up eight hours later. A proper bathrobe is much better than towels, and it’s weirdly comfortable.

The hybrid pillow

The Leesa hybrid pillow is many people’s dream pillow. The gel pillow base is firm enough to make you feel as if you’re sleeping on a memory foam pillow, but it also has a soft, quilted down-alternative topper, adding even more comfort. Plenty of folks vouch for the Leesa hybrid pillow, and who are we to argue with them? Let’s just say that me and a bunch of friends are already waiting for our pillows.

An amazing 0.5-pound weighted eye mask that relieves headaches and sinus pressure

For those of you who suffer from anxiety, you probably don’t want to leave your comforter and go for a weighted blanket. Well, you don’t have to because a couple of smart folks out there invented something called a weighted eye mask.

It’s worth giving it a try, especially if you want to have a good, deep sleep and wake up fully rested the next day. And for those of you who feel a bit uncomfortable sleeping with an eye mask on during the night, you can still use it to take a good nap.

For some, napping can be more of a passive activity; you don’t have to actually fall asleep, and it can provide just as much rest. The weight is enough to distract you from a hectic schedule. Besides, the mask is made out of plush fleece, so it’s extremely comfortable to wear.

A stretchy tank top

Trust me, you will become obsessed with this stretchy tank top. It nicely clings to your body instead of restricting your blood circulation. Its thin and barely noticeable hems, as well as the lack of clothing tags, will prove to be a blessing in disguise, ensuring optimal comfort and safety. You’ll love wearing one so much that you’ll have trouble changing out of it in the morning.

The light slowly dims at night and brightens in the morning to simulate the sunrise

Back on the list of sleep devices that work, here comes my number one favorite. The Casper Glow Light is a light that slowly dims at night and brightens in the morning. The whole purpose of it is to mimic a sunrise.

If you’re anything like me, your sleep can be easily disrupted by late-night screen time and bright lightning right before bed. Well, the Glow Light from Casper will prove to be consistent in putting you to sleep.

At first, it’s bright enough to read a book, but over the course of 45 minutes, it slowly dims down until it’s fully off. You can easily adjust its schedule using an app. And since it mimics the sun setting, your body will respond very well and will instantly know when it’s time to sleep about 20 minutes into the cycle.

The good old crossword puzzle

I bet you never knew that we could add puzzles to sleep devices that work very well. But you’d be surprised to hear that crossword puzzles help you sleep better. It is very healthy for your cognitive functions, and it’s also the best way to tire your mind after an exhausting day (without having to dive into social media until your eyes close).

You can do them with a gentle light once you’re already in bed. This way, you’ll fall asleep faster.

sleep devices that work
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Incense sticks

If you ever receive an incense holder, it’s worth mentioning that it is one of the sleep devices that works for those who have trouble sleeping. Soon enough, you’ll get used to the luxury of falling asleep to the calming smells of sandalwood and jasmine.

A breathable but warm comforter that’s shockingly affordable

There’s a highly rated comforter that’s warm, soft, and breathable at the same time, and it only costs $29. I’ve personally slept with one myself and also with a duvet cover for 1.5 months, and both of these sleep devices earned their spots on this list.

The breathable comforter is made from alternative down, preventing dust accumulation. It is also resistant to bacteria, making it the perfect choice for people who are simply too sensitive to allergens.

A breathable, weighted blanket from Syrinx

Weighted blankets are by far the best tools you can find if you want to get a good night’s sleep, so yes, add them to the list of sleep devices that work very efficiently. They are known to improve sleep and help you rest for longer.

A weighted blanket uses deep-touch therapy, which resembles the comfort created by swaddling babies. You will wake up noticeably better rested whenever you decide to use one. Out of all the breathable weighted blankets you can choose from, the best one is Gravity.

An E-reader with adjustable brightness settings

Our recommendation would be to end every night with a proper story. I know people who have their Kindles attached to their arms wherever they might go, including in bed. So if you’re curious to know what it’s like to have your own Kindle, go ahead!

First, it’s worth mentioning that it has a high-resolution 300 ppi display, so you won’t have to squint at the words. Also, you can adjust the light to whatever level suits your taste, as long as you can easily relax.

White noise app

The last one on the list of sleep gadgets that work is Noisli, a valuable white noise app that helps you sleep better. If you’re living in the city, then you’re probably used to hearing the sirens and piercing screeches of subway trains every single night.

And that pretty much provides the opposite environment we’d actually need to get a good night’s sleep. However, every time you go to sleep, you can pair the white noise app Noisli with your Bluetooth speaker, and there you have it: the perfect ambient for a relaxing, deep sleep.

If you’re interested in reading more about other gadgets, here’s what we recommend: Upgrade Your Life Quality With These 7 New Amazon Alexa Features

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