Want to Reduce Your Cooking Time by Half? Try These 4 Best Kitchen Tools!

Have you ever wondered how you can be even faster when it comes to cooking?

No matter if you love cooking or you find that it is more bothersome than is needed, you cannot deny that at times it takes you way more time than you would have liked to get to the end result. Sometimes it can be the recipe itself because it is too complicated, and sometimes it can be all about you not having the appropriate tools that would help you cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen.

By tools, we mean all the appliances, gadgets, and utensils that could come to your aid when it comes to both preparing the ingredients and food as well as the actual cooking act. Sometimes it is not that we are slow or that we don’t know how to cook; it’s that we do not have the best tools that will help us all make the most of our time and ingredients.

To help you on your cooking journey, we have compiled a list of all the appliances that you must have in your kitchen in order to make sure that you cook the most delicious dishes as fast as possible!

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Food processor

No matter how long you have been cooking, it is pretty easy to tell what takes the most time when it comes to completing a meal. Unless you choose a recipe that includes having to braise or simmer something for hours on end, then all home cooks are going to spend the most time on prep work rather than pulling together the dish. Out of all the things that make up prep work, what takes the most time besides peeling is having to dice everything.

If your recipe calls for a lot of ingredients to be chopped or diced, then you will already be in the kitchen for up to an hour even before you turn on the stove. That’s why you are in need of a food processor. Not only will it help you dice and chop everything you need, no matter how fine or coarse you may need them, but you can also use them to mix, puree, and make batters or doughs.

Having a food processor will not only help you cut down on your cooking time, but it’ll also help you make your own sauces so you shouldn’t have to buy the jarred variety and cut down on all the extra additives in them. Not only that but a good-quality food processor can also be turned, with the help of another attachment, into a blender, so you do not need to have two different machines.

There is one problem here, which is to be careful around the extra sharp blades so that you or a dear one do not expose any fingers to the appliance!

If you’re looking for a great food processor that is going to be with you for a long time, we recommend you look into this type!


When it comes to kitchen appliances and even tools that people use in the kitchen for various reasons, the microwave will come up as one of the examples. This is because when it comes to kitchen appliances and even cooking ones, the microwave oven is one of the leading ones, if not the most popular one. After all, most households have a microwave in the kitchen, and it is not hard to imagine why, especially since a lot of families end up centered around one.

As an appliance, it is easy to use as long as you read the instructions carefully and do not stick to just randomly pressing the buttons on it. If you buy a good-quality one, it is going to last you almost forever as long as you take good care of it. What’s more, when it comes to cooking, most people just use it to heat various leftovers, foods, water, and even other beverages, but you can actually do many things with this kitchen tool.

Trust us, you can end up cooking certain dishes twice as fast as with a conventional oven, and you can also do various other ways of cooking. Consult your microwave’s instruction manual, and you will be taken aback at how many more things you can achieve with one that goes beyond simply defrosting and heating up dishes!

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Electric grill

When it comes to cooking foods, the healthiest version is to make them on the grill. And while we all love the smoke flavor, it is quite a hassle to start the fire, and not all of us have the luxury of having the outdoor space to have a big grill. What’s more, while it is really enjoyable to set up the grill and sit around with friends and family, it is also a time-consuming method of cooking, and we don’t always have the time for such a thing.

You can skip all the time-consuming elements that come with grilling foods by investing in a good electric grill. This way, you’ll be able to cook everything exactly like you would on a traditional grill, but indoors, with less smoke! They are easy to maintain; a lot of them also come with a non-stick surface, so you shouldn’t worry about that; and they are compact enough to not give you any issues when it comes to storage.

Even better, you can use these types of grills to also make paninis and heat up tortillas and other types of foods when you have to, so make sure you get one that will best suit all the types of food you want to make. This is both an investment in your time and in your health!

Air fryer

Who doesn’t enjoy a good side of fries with their burger? However, we all know just how bad they can be in the long run for our health. What’s more, when we are in the process of cooking them, we have to deal with a lot of oil and the possibility of accidentally burning ourselves, along with the long time it takes to fry them and the chance of burning them. When it comes to eating fried foods, due to how much oil these foods absorb, they are extremely detrimental to our health, and fries, despite being universally loved, are the ones that cause the most problems!

If you’d like to avoid these issues we discussed regarding oil frying, you can invest and get yourself an air fryer! You will both be able to make all types of fried foods with a minimal amount of oil (you just need to drizzle it on a little), and you can also set up the machine to the time and temperature you need. You’ll never run into the problem of accidentally burning the food, and you will have perfectly crispy dishes without having to deal with the whole oil ordeal in record time!

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