Want Crystal-Clear Windows? Try These 4 Affordable Smart Window Cleaners Today

How do you clean your windows?

Keeping the windows squeaky clean and sparkling is an easily forgotten task, so if your glass has gotten grubby and dull behind your back, you’ll need some smart window cleaners to get them shiny again.

Once you’ve decided to restore your windows to their former glory, you may encounter some problems along the way. There are the finicky corners to get at, stubborn grime and streaks, hard-to-reach outsides, large glass doors to deal with, as well as shower doors and mirrors that also need seeing.

Don’t worry, though, because our roundup of smart window cleaners has been created with all these potential issues in mind, providing solutions for everyone.

But with so many options available on the market, ranging from simple squeegees to extendable brushes and motorized gadgets, it can be difficult to know what window-cleaning tool is suitable. If you’re not sure which one you should choose, check out our handy buying guide! Keep reading, and you’ll find some smart window cleaners along with their value for money, cleaning power, and any special features they may have.

Without further ado, let’s get rid of that dirt!

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How to choose the best window cleaner for you

There are a bunch of factors to consider when buying smart window cleaners, which will make picking the right tool much easier in the first instance.

Window square feet: Consider how big your window-cleaning job is. If your house has small windows or less glass to clean, it will be best to go for manual cleaning options, such as brushes, cloths, and squeegees. However, if you’re dealing with multiple stories of windows or large glass doors, then an electric cleaning tool like a steam cleaner or a glass vacuum cleaner may be exactly what you need to get through things at a reasonable pace.

Second-floor windows are especially tricky and sometimes dangerous to clean; therefore, an extendable cleaning brush is the perfect solution.

Versatility: All smart window cleaners on this list are great at getting the job done, so don’t worry about that. Nonetheless, while you’re already set up to make your windows shiny again, it could be handy to clean your grout, have a go over your tile, or tackle your furniture and floors. If you like to get more things done at once, keep an eye out for full cleaning kits and multipurpose smart window cleaners in the list below.

How much will I need to spend?

If you’re going with a simple cloth, squeegee, and spray setup, you can have your own high-quality set for about $12 to $20, or even less if you aren’t too keen on getting the best microfiber cloths. Extendable brushes, full kits, and window cleaners with extra extensions and attachments tend to run between $25 and $60.

When’s the best time to clean my windows?

There’s a common belief that the best time to clean your windows is on a warm, sunny day. We understand the impulse to get out in the sun when the bright light makes it easier to spot marks and dirt.

However, bright sunlight and warm temperatures will dry your windows too quickly as you’re working on making them clean and shiny. This leads to the streak you’re trying to avoid. Therefore, for the clearest clean, you’ll want to do the job on a cool, cloudy day.

This being said, let’s see some smart window cleaners that will help you restore the glass’s shine!

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1. Bosch GlassVac window vacuum cleaner

If you’re looking for a reliable and simple way to get your windows streak-free and sparkling clean, this tool from Bosch is the perfect cleaner for the job. It comes with a cleaning cloth and handy two-in-one spray applicator, as well as 30 ml of detergent. Long story short, it’s one of the top smart window cleaners available on the market.

Once spritzed and wiped with the spray application, the glass is ready to be squeeged and vacuumed with the main tool, which should leave them looking brand new.

The GlassVac’s squeegee wiper blade is the same one found on Bosch’s automotive range, and it offers efficient and sturdy cleaning worthy of your car windshield. It’s also well-shaped, making it very easy to reach the edges of window frames to remove grime.

The vacuum itself cleans smoothly, is lightweight, and works on a wide range of glass surfaces as well as tiles, making it very easy to clean a large surface area in the device’s 30-minute battery life. The smart window cleaner is a solid investment for those who want to tackle large areas of glass and tile thoroughly, quickly, and without breaking a sweat.

2. Draper Telescopic washing brush

Next on our list of smart window cleaners is this amazing telescopic washing brush. Whether you’re living in a single-story house or in a flat located on a higher floor, leaning out of your windows to clean them isn’t only a pain in the neck, but it’s also dangerous. A great way to take the stress and strain out of this task is to buy an extendable window cleaner.

This telescopic washing brush from Amazon is a versatile tool that does an amazing job cleaning hard-to-reach windows, awkward conservatory panes, and car windshields, starting at just 23 inches and extending up to 62 inches.

The brush is lightweight but sturdy enough, features a snap-on connector for attaching to a hosepipe, has a built-in switch on the handle, and controls the flow of water. From there, you just have to use the right attachment for the job.

Keep reading to discover other smart window cleaners!

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3. Bissell steam cleaner

The next device on our list of smart window cleaners is a steam cleaner for Bissell. While it may not be worth spending your money on a steam cleaner solely for cleaning your windows, there’s plenty of value in buying a multipurpose steam cleaner that is suitable for different surfaces around the house.

This model from Bissell blasts away grime, dirt, stains, mold, grease, and stains across a wide variety of outdoor and indoor surfaces. It’s great for use in workshop and garage areas; windows; the interior and exterior of autos, ATVs, and recreational vehicles; all sealed hard floor surfaces; and outdoor patio furniture.

The upright steam cleaner transforms into both a handheld steam cleaner and an extended-reach steam cleaner. What’s great about this device is that it also eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs. It comes with 29 accessories for tackling tough outdoor and indoor messes that can be used on both the handheld steam cleaner and the extended-reach steam cleaner.

If you’re interested in buying this multipurpose steam cleaner, you can get it from Amazon.

4. Glass-cleaning cloth

There are many smart window cleaners available on the market, but no matter which one you choose, you should also have some good glass-cleaning cloths handy. The simplest and cheapest way to get squeaky-clean windows is to buy some good-quality microfiber cloths.

These are suited to cleaning glass because they are soft enough that they won’t leave marks or scratches while having fine enough fibers to clean, polish, and catch every last speck of dust.

Moreover, these smart window cleaners do a tremendously great job at shining shower heads and taps, as well as cleaning general kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

We like these cloths from Amazon in particular because they are absorbent and well-sized for tackling large surface areas, as well as being long-lasting and reusable. Beyond that, each pack comes with cloths in different random colors, ideal if you want a bit more excitement in your life.

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