5 Summer Gadgets for a Cool, Comfortable Summer

Have you heard about these summer gadgets explicitly made to battle the heat of the season?

We all love summer since the days are longer and we can do way more activities outside, but the heat can be a problem! However, with these summer gadgets, you can make the most of the hot season while combating the sweltering heat. Most of us have AC units installed, but we cannot always count on them when it comes to being comfortable during extreme heat waves. This is where these summer gadgets come in, as they are made to help you be comfortable no matter how hot the season is where you live.

It can be horrible to have to go out in the sweltering heat, and sometimes the weather is so hot that even when we go on vacation, it can still be bothersome. It happens that sometimes the AC units cannot keep up with how hot it is, and this is why you should make sure to give these summer gadgets a try. They are great for at-home use, and some are amazing for travel and even just going outside when we have some errands to run or when we are on vacation.

Keep on reading to discover the best summer gadgets that are going to make your summer as comfortable and cool as possible, even when you are sleeping!

How do you keep cool in the summer heat? Let us know if you have any other summer gadgets you use in the comments below!

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Portable neck fan

Some people may be raving about the fact that this is not just a summer gadget but also a stylish one, but we will be focusing on its cooling properties and not on how good it will look. In the end, this summer gadget may not end up being the most stylish out there, depending on the model you have, but it is going to do wonders for keeping you from metaphorically dying due to the heat.

We have all seen those hand-held fans that most people use when they are outside to get a little bit of relief from the heat, but sometimes they can end up being hard to hold while doing other activities as well. This is where the portable neck fan comes in: not only is it easy to wear and carry as it is not heavy, but it is also going to bring with it two wind turbine fans that are going to cool you off more efficiently.

It is a great summer gadget to have around, especially when you are vacationing, as you can see all the sights without worrying about having to hold a fan up or use a traditional one and overwork your arm or harm your wrist. These are inexpensive and useful, so look into getting one!

Desk Fan

When it comes to desk fans, these are probably one of the summer gadgets that most of us have seen over the years and gotten used to having around. However, they have advanced in technology over the years, and you do not have to rely on the bulky, loud ones that most of us have lying around.

This summer gadget is extremely useful to have around, no matter if you are working at a desk or not since we cannot have an AC unit in each room, and likewise, we may not have ceiling fans in all the rooms either. Some of these desk fans are not only small and compact, but they also work with turbo blades that are going to produce better airflow than the older models and help you get the breeze you need to keep cool.

Since they are newer models, they are also going to make minimal noise, and a lot of the models come with remote controls so you can adjust the speed of the airflow. They generally also come with USB inputs, so you can connect them to a computer, laptop, or charger, and some of them can also be charged and moved around wherever you may need them.

If you are curious about this summer gadget, this is the model that we recommend!

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U-pick Cooling Towels

You may not believe that these towels are a cooling summer gadget, but believe us when we say they are a lifesaver! And besides the fact that they are useful to combat the summer heat, they generally come in packs of 4, which makes them extremely affordable.

The towels are made from a microfiber material that is made to be super breathable and hyper-evaporative, which will make them the best contender to soak up in some cold water and then wring out the excess before using them to wipe down the sweat and cool off if you are tracking in the summer, but also if you are experiencing hot flashes, suffer from heat stress, or even if you are doing cold therapy. They can stay cool for up to 3 hours and are going to help you keep your temperature down.

What’s more, they come with their own waterproof patches and carrying system, which makes them easy to carry around with you even when on the go, and you can machine wash them after you use them to ensure they stay fresh and clean!

2-in-1 Drinking and Misting Bottle

This summer gadget can make a clear difference when you need to cool fast and you are outside. It combines the water bottles that many of us keep with us religiously no matter the season with a mist function that is going to help you cool down quickly if needed. This bottle is extremely useful since you do not have to carry two different bottles to be able to spray some water on you to cool down and refresh, and another one to keep hydrated.

It can pose a problem if you are on a long walk and the bottle is not big enough to hold as much water as you would want, but you can always have a spare water bottle without a mist function so that you can refill it if needed. Believe us, it will make a difference even if you are just outside on a quick walk or you get inside the car after running some errands. They are inexpensive, and you can find them online, so you can always try them out to see if they work for you!

Cooling pillow

The worst part of the summer heat is the one that falls during the night! This is because a lot of us do not like to keep the AC running the whole night as it can end up being expensive, or we do not have an AC unit inside the bedroom, so it would be best to try to keep cool without having a constant airflow on us from a fan. A great way to achieve this is to invest in a cooling pillow!

And before you write off this summer gadget, keep in mind that it has been proven that pillows can help you get better sleep, so why not integrate a cooling function for the summer months in your pillow? These pillows will aid your sleep since the foam is infused with a cool gel that has a hole punch pattern designed to ventilate and disperse the body heat! That way, you can keep as cool as possible while also being comfortable during the night!

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